With capacity from 6 to 14 people, our meeting rooms can be hired by the hour or by the day (half day or full day). You can also use our hourly vouchers that will be more economical and have no expiration date.

Advantages of using a meeting room vs. meeting in a hotel or coffee shop for freelancers, real estate agents, for signing documents, for training, for a coaching session:

Professional image

Personalized attention to visitors

Screens and projectors

Possibility of printing documents

Wi-Fi connection

Possibility of catering

We have incorporated all the necessary protocols for the safety of our clients.


And if you need any additional service such as coffee-breaks or administrative support, we will also manage it for you.

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Who can benefit from booking meeting rooms?

When we think about the use of meeting rooms in a versatile space such as a business center, maybe we are not sure about what professionals may need that service or what needs they can cover. We may consider that professional offices fulfill the same functions, but instead they are solutions for different types of circumstances.

A meeting in a professional office is limited by its dimensions, which aren’t usually very ample, except in the case of large firms’ offices. However, a meeting room is conceived and designed to bring together a certain number of people and, to this end, it is provided with the necessary space for the meeting to take place in the right conditions.

Apart from the limitation of the space dimensions, it could happen that, due to the client’s needs, a meeting must be held in a different town from where the office is located. In these cases, meeting rooms in business centers facilitate mobility and provide the flexibility that is so important in these times, offering the most appropriate service for the client.

We believe that the type of clients that can benefit most from the meeting room service are professionals exercising liberal professions:

  • Lawyers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Journalists
  • Writers
  • Artists
  • Publicists

Sometimes these professionals may not need a permanent office as they can work from home or in several locations if they work for different companies.

But in situations where it is necessary to meet with clients, the best solution is to book a meeting room in business centers created for this purpose. These meeting rooms are equipped with everything necessary to hold a successful meeting, whether with a client or a work team. Everything will depend on the needs of each client.

Apart from the liberal professions mentioned above, meeting room booking is the solution for the needs of many other professionals.

Some self-employed entrepreneurs, who carry out most of their work from home and do not have a physical office, may have the occasional need to perform tasks that require this space, such as interview processes, candidate selection, team training, recording corporate videos, etc.

Also, in the case of freelance professionals who work alone, such as programmers or designers and often work from home, may need to show their projects to their clients. In some cases, they can meet at their client’s office, if they have it, but if not, or if the projects involve more professionals, the need for spaces such as meeting rooms becomes a reality.

We are aware that video calls or videoconferences are becoming more and more frequent these days, but when we get back to normal, there will be many situations in which a face-to-face meeting couldn´t be easily replaced by a videoconference. For these occasions, we have at your disposal a very simple solution to that, the booking of a meeting room in a business center.

Features of the meeting rooms

Meeting rooms can vary in terms of capacity, adapting to the specific needs of each meeting and offering the service required by the professional at any given moment.

Bookings can be made by the hour, half-day, full-day, or through hourly vouchers. The latter offer more economical rates that may be of interest to professionals who, due to the nature of their activity, need to use meeting rooms more frequently.

Meeting rooms are usually equipped with the following services:

    • Internet connection
    • Adequate facilities and furniture
    • Confidentiality
    • Screens and projectors
    • Whiteboards
    • Option of Coffee break and/or catering service

Advantages over other locations for holding a meeting

The professional image provided in a meeting room has nothing to do with the one offered in an informal place such as a coffee shop with an Internet connection. On the other hand, the confidentiality of the meeting would be compromised. In addition, the sense of reliability that is transmitted is also at stake when choosing one place or another to hold a meeting.

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