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Accounting and tax advisory service

We know how important it is to have a good advisor, someone you can trust and take care of the accounting of your company. We are professionals with extensive experience in accounting and taxation, qualified economists who will keep all your accounting up to date so you can focus on what is important.


Creation of companies

If you are thinking of starting a company but don’t know where to begin, we can help you with all the legal procedures. We offer you free advice so that you can set up your company in the shortest time possible and we help you with the start-up of your business.


Accounting, tax, and labor consultancy

We have a comprehensive accounting, tax, and labor advisory service in which you only need to provide us with your invoices and bank statements in the way that best suits your needs (paper, digital, email, Dropbox, etc.). Our professionals will prepare and submit the accounting documents of your company according to the Commercial Code rules and other applicable legislation (annual accounts, minutes book, partnership books…). We calculate and submit taxes and draw up VAT record books. We also prepare employment contracts, payrolls and submit to the Administration the documents of contributions, registrations, and cancellations. In addition, thanks to our system, you can access at any time to all the documentation prepared by your advisor.

Translation Services

We offer companies and individuals our sworn translation service from English to Spanish. A sworn translation is a service provided by a sworn translator (appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), who attests to the content of the translated document and the accuracy of the translation with their signature and seal. A sworn translation has legal validity before the organization or authority that requests it.

The documents that usually require sworn translations are the following: academic and administrative documents, birth and death certificates, criminal records, inheritance certificates, etc.

Secretarial service

We can offer you a secretarial service by the hour to help you with any administrative task you may need (preparation of documents, presentations, making calls, enveloping, etc.)

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