We offer fully serviced offices at Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid.

From 390 €/month

We offer you fully furnished and equipped offices, with total flexibility and customized rates that adapt to the needs of each client.


The services included in the office price are the following:

    • Furnished office
    • Internet connection
    • Exclusive phone number for your company
    • 24/7 access to the business center
    • Personalized call answering in your company’s name
    • Transfer of incoming calls
    • Message taking and instant notification via email
    • Business hours from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
    • Printing/copier/scanning service
    • Fax sending and receiving service

    • Business’ registered, fiscal, and commercial address
    • Mail and small package receiving service
    • Instant notification of ordinary, urgent, and certified mail, and courier deliveries via email
    • Use of meeting rooms with audiovisual equipment
    • Inclusion of your company logo in our entrance directory
    • Daily cleaning
    • Air conditioning and heating
    • Office kitchen with Nespresso coffee machine
    • 24-hour security in the building
    • Preferential price for contracting other INITIA BC services

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Or are you maybe interested in a virtual office?

We also have offices by the hour and with tailored fees.
Feel free to ask us about all the options we offer!

For self-employed professionals, freelancers, or the so-called liberal professions covering such diverse activities as: law, architecture, design, consulting, psychology, etc., the need for a professional office to receive clients is essential. Although in some cases the work activity can be carried out from home, the development of the profession usually requires receiving and attending to clients and, for this, a professional office is the most appropriate place.

If the meetings or appointments with clients are infrequent, you can always resort to another type of service such as booking meeting rooms by the hour. This is an option that obviously lowers the cost compared to renting a private office per month, but it is not a feasible solution for professionals who meet with clients on a more frequent basis. In those cases, the monthly rental of a private office becomes, without a doubt, the best option.

Renting an office in Madrid is not always easy, especially if we want to have the services of a professional place, conditioned and suitable to our needs.

Offices in business centers such as INITIA BC provide an answer to all these needs and requirements. Renting an office in a business center includes a series of services that are not available in a conventional office and, therefore, it is a factor to be considered when deciding on which type of office is more convenient for our business.

What do we include?

If we rent a private office in a business center, the monthly fee includes services such as receiving and forwarding of incoming mail, answering calls on behalf of your company, and transferring of incoming calls. These services, if contracted separately, would represent an extra cost in addition to the office rental and, in some cases, they are essential services for certain professionals to be able to properly attend to their clients, especially in the case of one-person projects.

Other services more related to comfort and space adequacy are also important when choosing an office to rent in Madrid: air conditioning, cleaning service, kitchen office, parking, printing service, internet connection and reception service.

The rental of offices in Madrid in business centers such as INITIA BC also includes the use of meeting rooms available in the center, with the necessary audiovisual equipment. So, if at any time a private office does not meet the needs of a bigger meeting, a product presentation, a group interview, or any other situation, we will also have in the same space the solution to that specific demand.

The office rental in Madrid in a business center as INITIA BC also includes the fiscal, social, and commercial address for your business, allowing your company the use of our address for communications, advertising, business cards, website, etc.

The 24-hour security offered by the office rental at INITIA BC is another important factor to consider as it may provide great peace of mind to companies.

Renting offices at INITIA BC business center saves you money compared to a conventional office rental not only in cost, but in the time and energy wasted in managing the hiring of other services such as virtual secretarial services, electricity or internet supplies and other needs that can distract you from what really matters, your professional project, which is what requires all your dedication and effort.

A business center like INITIA BC has everything you need to make an office rental as simple as possible and gives response to the needs of any project. While INITIA BC takes care of all the steps for the smooth running of a business, professionals can devote themselves to the development of their project and the service of their clients in the appropriate business environment, which provides reliability and assurance to your professional image. In short, for a single fee, you have everything you need to carry out your professional activity.

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